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About us

   Dongguan Yanghu Metal Surface Treatment Material Co., Ltd. established in 2002 and put into operation, is located in the historic Humen in Dongguan.As a professional manufacturer of metal surface treatment agent before production,We are committed to providing users with comprehensive, economical, reasonable and competitive application technologies and products.  We introduced German technology to the production of metal surface treatment product  that is the main business . Integrating scientific research ,production and trade as a whole  high-tech companies.

   The target market of our existing products is steel, automobile, appliances, motor bearings, electronic, computer chassis, galvanized steel plate, steel cold working and other fields.Provide a variety of professional degreasing agent, surface dispensing agent, phosphating agent (replenishment agent), Waterborne Antirust oil, antirust agent, release agent, tensile coating agent, coating agent, magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy passivation, conversion coating and other chemical products.

   Provide continuous and perfect product performance, strengthen technical services, help customers create value and establish persistent and rigorous working attitude with customers, which is the core competitiveness of the company.

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