Dongguan Yanghu Metal Surface Treatment Material Co., Ltd.
  Magnesium alloy series
4 TR-888A magnesium alloy coating agent
4 TR-889 magnesium alloy passivating agent
4 TR-888B high salt spray coating of magnesium alloy
4 TR-888C magnesium alloy coating agent
  Phosphating film series
4 TR-701 screw, bearing coating agent
4 TR-702A phosphating agent
4 TR-702B zinc alloy coating agent
4 TR-703 wire tensile membrane agent
4 TR-707 coating of aluminum
  Degreasing series
4 Degreasing agent
4 TR-107 ultrasonic degreasing agent
  Derusting series
4 TR-301 rust removing agent
4 TR-306 neutral derusting agent
  Antirust series
4 TR-809 water based antirust agent
  Surface adjustment series
4 TR-501 gel peptide surface modifier
  Polishing series
4 TR-805 copper polishing agent
4 TR-806 stainless steel polishing agent
  Other series
4 Demoulding (off type) agent
  New product development
4 Pottery coating agent
TR-702A phospha
TR-702B zinc al
TR-899 release
TR-889 magnesiu
TR-306 neutral
TR-888A magnesi
TR-888C magnesi
TR-888B salt sp
TR-703 wire ten
TR-806 stainles
TR-809 water so
Degreasing agen
TR-707 coating
TR-107 ultrason
TR-805 copper p

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