Dongguan Yanghu Metal Surface Treatment Material Co., Ltd.
  Magnesium alloy series
4 TR-888A magnesium alloy coating agent
4 TR-889 magnesium alloy passivating agent
4 TR-888B high salt spray coating of magnesium alloy
4 TR-888C magnesium alloy coating agent
  Phosphating film series
4 TR-701 screw, bearing coating agent
4 TR-702A phosphating agent
4 TR-702B zinc alloy coating agent
4 TR-703 wire tensile membrane agent
4 TR-707 coating of aluminum
  Degreasing series
4 Degreasing agent
4 TR-107 ultrasonic degreasing agent
  Derusting series
4 TR-301 rust removing agent
4 TR-306 neutral derusting agent
  Antirust series
4 TR-809 water based antirust agent
  Surface adjustment series
4 TR-501 gel peptide surface modifier
  Polishing series
4 TR-805 copper polishing agent
4 TR-806 stainless steel polishing agent
  Other series
4 Demoulding (off type) agent
  New product development
4 Pottery coating agent
Main business of the company

Provide a variety of professional degreasing agent, surface dispensing agent, phosphating agent (replenishment agent), Waterborne Antirust oil, antirust agent, release agent, tensile coating agent, coating agent, magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy passivation, conversion coating and other chemical products.

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